The National Institute of Restoration


In an effort to continue our ongoing commitment to
the education of our members we here at the NIR
are pleased to announce our newly formed alliance
with American Drying Institute.  ADI is nationally
known and recognized for its instruction.  It is a
well-respected organization that is known for teaching
the science of drying.

To promote this new alliance, NIR and ADI have gotten together and are offering the following.  
- ADI is offering a $200.00 tuition discount to any active NIR member
- NIR is offering to pay an additional $200.00 of a new member's tuition to attend ADI

This offer is available to any new member joining the NIR before September 1, 2011 and attending ADI before October 2011.

We at the NIR strongly encourage our members to consider sending their personnel to ADI.  Not only does the tuition discount make this affordable but coupled with the limited time tuition assistance from NIR, this is a great deal!  If your people go through the school at ADI, they will truly understand what it takes to quickly dry a structure and what's more; they will understand why it is drying.

Contact NIR for more information.